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  1. Rock in Rio: por onde andam os artistas que participaram do festival em ? | Blog Saraiva
  2. Heavy metal sustentável: a sincronia entre o som de peso e a natureza
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  4. Rock in Rio: por onde andam os artistas que participaram do festival em 1985?

Encontre Dvd Scorpions Amazonia Live In The Jungle - Música no Mercado Livre Brasil Dvd Scorpions - Amazônia Live In The Jungle - Novo*** Frete grátis. O DVD “Amazonia – Live In The Jungle” dos ícones do rock não só inclui o Entrega gratuito Com este novo DVD ao vivo, os Scorpions apoiam a batalha da Greenpeace contra a . e gratuitas em Loja · Cartão Fnac: vantagens exclusivas. (Por Doctor Robert) Ter o novo DVD do Scorpions em mãos para nós brasileiros Resenha - Amazônia; Live In The Jungle - Scorpions exibido pela Rede Globo do Nordeste e que circulou pela internet de graça, ficando a.

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Acess Point e Roteador. Entrega em domicílio — taxas de conveniência e de entrega. The staff were very friendly, helpful and accommodating. Segue as datas de apresentações na cidade maravilhosa. Discografia do Airbourne - Atualizada. Mostrar todas as postagens. Alison Hell; Watch a six-minute preview below. Transfer aeroporto. Auditoria Camwrgo Geral Contabilidade de Custos. Contato: cerberus. Com certeza foi um dos dias mais felizes da minha vida.

O DVD “Amazonia – Live In The Jungle” dos ícones do rock não só inclui o Entrega gratuito Com este novo DVD ao vivo, os Scorpions apoiam a batalha da Greenpeace contra a . e gratuitas em Loja · Cartão Fnac: vantagens exclusivas. (Por Doctor Robert) Ter o novo DVD do Scorpions em mãos para nós brasileiros Resenha - Amazônia; Live In The Jungle - Scorpions exibido pela Rede Globo do Nordeste e que circulou pela internet de graça, ficando a. Scorpions é uma banda de rock originária de Hanôver, Alemanha DVD Sound - Amazonia - Live In The Jungle - MEGA . Logo Abaixo estão todas As Discografias Disponíveis Para Download deste BLOG. Scorpions é uma banda de rock originária de Hanôver, Alemanha fundada em DVD Sound - Amazonia - Live In The Jungle . Logo Abaixo estão todas As Discografias Disponíveis Para Download deste BLOG. Scorpions é uma banda de hard rock originária de Hanôver, Alemanha fundada em .. Este tópico é editado no DVD "Amazônia: Live in the Jungle", gravado em . Como Baixar / How To Download. I've Got to Be Free

Dirigiu seu primeiro longa-metragem, Baile Perfumado, em meados da década de noventa. He has been acting for more than twenty years as director and screenwriter of short and long feature films and on TV programs, advertisements, video clips and DVDs.

He directed his first long feature film by the middle of the nineties. The film won the Brasilia Film Festival as the Best film of the Official Jury and of the Critic, becoming a remark in the Brazilian Film restarting point, taking part in several international Festivals.

Fluência em Inglês e Francês. É fundador da Cavideo, locadora especializada em filmes de artes que se tornou referencia entre os cinéfilos do Rio de Janeiro. Mais tarde, a Cavideo, se tornou também produtora e distribuidora de filmes.

Em ganhou o prêmio de Jovem Empreendedor do Cinema Brasileiro, indo para Londres representar o Brasil na etapa mundial.


Também produziu outros 28 curtas e 5 longas. Acaba de criar uma distribuidora de dvds especializadas em filmes nacionais - Original Vídeo e outra somente para curtas-metragens - Projeto Curtas na Prateleira. Later his company also became a producer and distributor of films. He was responsible for the film society movement of Rio de Janeiro, performing shows, events and independent festivals. In he won the Young Entrepreneur of the Brazilian Cinema.

He went to London representing Brazil during the world stage. He has already directed 20 short films and 2 feature films. He has also produced 28 short films and 5 feature films. She has been working in the audiovisual area since with film production and coordination of exhibitions and festivals. She has been the coordinator of the Granimado - Brazilian Festival of Animation which is already in its fourth edition; she has also been the National Coordinator of the International Animation Day for six years, which is in its seventh edition and in has had the participation of more than cities in all Brazilian states.

She has produced and represented the ABCA in organization and production of dozens of seminars, meetings, forums and workshops on animation production in Brazil. They searched for the city to find the woman, but they could only find one another. A weird trainee. A stifling job. When the corporate pressure becomes unbearable, this young man is pushed to his limits, unexpectetly he reacts sharing with his new coleagues the bizarre stories of his friends from Viamao, Brazil.

Inspired by the true story of Ricardo Lilja starring as himself. The memory of a generation visited by its characters. The scenario is the downtown of a large city. The theme is the urgency of life. And the Ball is the convergence point for all these stories.

Um dia, Tinho conhece Stephanie. Tinho, a year-old boy, provides small services for the community.


His work tool is his inseparable wheelbarrow. One day, Tinho meets Stephanie. Wanting to thank her for a present she gives him, Tinho starts thinking of a plan. Este filme é sobre a experiência com o mundo sonoro dos surdos que transitam entre os dois mundos.

For deaf people, there are two worlds: the world of silence and the world of sounds. E-mail: okna okna. Ele percebe o mundo através dos verbetes que formam os volumes de uma enciclopédia. Mas ele vai descobrir que nem todas as palavras de uma enciclopédia podem decifrar uma menina de 10 anos. Alex is a shy, skinny boy and of thick glasses. He realizes the world through the entries that form the volumes of an encyclopedia.

But he is going to discover that not even all the words of an encyclopedia can decipher a year-old girl. Just as he knows Amanda, he learns that the love lets to us courage to make things before unimaginable.

He used to say the film began with a very slow and soft camera, a delicate zoom, and advanced in search of Barbot. Inês is 21 years old and has the dream of working as an actress.

To accomplish that, she comes from the interior to Sao Paulo capital to play an extra in a soap opera for television. Inês supports her life in details she finds on the way looking for meaning of life, co-starring with this other character — the bus station, and she turns this place, at first so harsh, into her home.

This 15 year-old blind teenager has to deal with the jealousy of his long-lasting friend Giovana while trying to figure out the feelings he found out he has for his new friend, Gabriel. The life of a child with bronquitis that wants to be a monster. The Phantom of the ex-girlfriend. E-mail: mnra13 hotmail. A theatre performance. E-mail: marcosenriquelopes zipmail. It is a documentary about the pioneers of cinema in Brazil, the regional cycles of cinema and restoration of cinematographic collections.

Among the testimonies there is the one of the last remaining silent movie actress from Brazil, Adriana Falangola, aged Based on an indigenous tale from the Amazon Forest.

An unusual climate change turns Recife, in tropical north-eastern Brazil, into a cold and damp environment.

Rock in Rio: por onde andam os artistas que participaram do festival em ? | Blog Saraiva

A foreign TV documentary examines the effects this change has brought upon a culture that has always lived under the sun. Ele sobrevive, é encontrado e criado por uma negra. Born a man in the tribes of Ycamiabas, Urê is placed in a pot and thrown into the waterfall.

He survives; he is found and raised by a black woman. Now, as an adult, Urê retraces the path of the pot in search of his origins. Paulo, O Globo e pelo site no.

É autor de livros sobre os cineastas brasileiros Walter Lima Jr. Pesquisou e redigiu os textos de Animation Now Taschen. Atualmente, é crítico do website criticos. Is film critic and researcher since Paulo, O Globo and for the site no. He participated as a jury of the critics in the festivals of Venice, Berlin and Moscow, among others. He is the author of books on Brazilian filmmakers Walter Lima Jr. He researched and wrote the texts to Animation Now Taschen. He was one of founders of the magazine Cinemais and coordinator of cinema and video to CCBB-Rio, between and Currently, he is critic of the website criticos.

He created and maintained, between and , the DocBlog, first regular and specialized space in documentaries on the Brazilian Internet, in the website O Globo. Fotógrafo, cineasta e pesquisador, foi aluno e colaborador do artista Helio Oiticica. Nos anos , realizou filmes experimentais em Super8, premiados em festivais no Brasil e no exterior.

Photographer, filmmaker and researcher, he was a student and collaborator of the artist Helio Oiticica. In the s, he made experimental films in Super8, which were awarded at festivals in Brazil and abroad.

Atua como Diretor, Roteirista e Diretor de Fotografia. Tem mais de uma dezena de filmes de curta e média metragem como diretor. Currently, he is director, writer and director of photography. He has several films, medium and short films, as director. Algoritmo is a video dance and experimental documentary that investigates the process of constructing the video dance at the same time that occurs as a resource by using the tools of debate, the multiple cameras and its interference in the creative process and the interpreter.

E-mail: robertorogger yahoo. The in habitant of the rivers believe that the fresh water dolphin Boto changes in to a man to seduce the persons that live by the river.

Cello Piana, journalist photographer, working in the tributaries of the Amazon river ends up by experiencing the truth of legend. Com muita esperança Zé e o seu fiel escudeiro, o cachorro desbravam a seca em busca de alimento.

Somewhere in the northeast in Brazil, Zé is a lazy and ordinary man with three children and an angry woman who need to eat. With much hope Zé and his faithful squire, the dog had been exploring the drought in search of food.

Filosofia da banda Cabocrioulo e do cineasta Jan Svankmajer. A question of philosophy. The Philosophy of Cabocrioulo band and the filmmaker Jan Svankmajer. Romeu encontra Rosa, uma estudante de jornalismo, na parada do ônibus e começa a pensar nela o tempo todo.

Como esses encontros se tornam frequentes, ele arquiteta um plano para se aproximar. A sudden passion. Romeu meets Rosa, a journalism student, at the bus stop and starts to think of her all the time. As these encounters become frequent, he comes out with a plan to get closer. E-mail: janssemc gmail. Os bares, os festivais, a mídia, entre outras histórias.

The bars, the festivals, the media, among other stories. After an argument with his wife, a failure of the rubber baron penetrates and gets lost in the jungle after a lost day he returns home and discovers something unusual. E-mail: zeudi. Canned sardines, sandwiched, crushed and late.

Jorge vive de escrever contos românticos para uma revista. Jorge e Laura ficam muito unidos e a moça, ciente do grande talento do rapaz, tenta convencê-lo a partir para a literatura propriamente dita.

Jorge lives to write romantic stories for a magazine. At 28 years old, he is an early promise to the Argentine literature, but he cannot make himself noticed. One night he meets Laura, a waitress who is waiting for the boyfriend, from whom she has no news since he left for Uruguay a few months before. George and Laura get very close and being aware of the great talent of the boy, she tries to convince him really put himself in the literature world.

Over time their relationship changes and they end up breaking. Adélia, Dircinha and Beatrice are the Coleratti sisters and once together, they tend to get into trouble.

Because of that, after disturbing their neighbors with calumnies and insults, the trio is ordered by the courts to perform community service. But the punishment did not stop there because they will also have to keep their mouths shut.

Heavy metal sustentável: a sincronia entre o som de peso e a natureza

And to be silent, unable to talk during their sentence, they will have to wear surgical masks. Will it succeed? Tells of the difficulty of two authors to get a businessman for his magazine called "Banana-da-terra".

While they walk to a casino, they realize that that place would be an ideal place to seek the businessman, who refused the offer. But as the attraction hired by the entrepreneur will not arrive from France, he goes in search of the authors and accepts the magazine. In the course of the show, the most amazing things happen. Vida conturbada, com lutas e amor. Seus mais de livros psicografados, consolaram os vivos, pregaram a paz e estimularam caridade.

Os Espíritos existem? Para os admiradores mais fervorosos, foi um santo. Para os descrentes, no mínimo, um personagem intrigante. Paulo é professor de literatura, Teresa é comerciante e Bel, estudante. Chico Xavier is a film adaptation that describes the trajectory of the medium Chico Xavier, who lived 92 years of this earthly life by developing important psychic and philanthropic activity.

Chico had a troubled life, He struggled and loved. His more than psychographic books helped people, preached peace and stimulated charity. The spirits are there? For the most fervent admirers, He was a saint. For the skeptical he is, at least, an intriguing character. Paulo is a professor of literature, Teresa is a Merchant and Bell is a student.

A tempting and unexpected job offer can deeply affect the routine of the family and jeopardize a marriage of twenty years. The story begins in early during a summer that seems to be endless. The Brazilian singer Nana Caymmi has played a major role in worldwide dissemination of Brazilian music. Considered by his peers as a singer among singers, she was a witness and a key character in the history of Brazilian music of the past fifty years.

E-mail: info imovision. O filme acompanha Antônio Tenório na conquista de sua quarta medalha de ouro em paraolimpíadas. O dia-a-dia dos hospitais que recebem visitas do grupo Doutores da Alegria, formado por atores que se vestem de palhaços para alegrar as crianças internadas. The movie follows Antonio Tenorio in winning his fourth gold medal in Paralympics.

The athlete is Brazilian judo champion in the B1 category for the visually impaired and he also has high performance in ordinary judo. The movie records closely the experience of Tenorio before and during the competitions in Brazil, France and China, taking the opportunity to review the career of one of the most successful athletes in the country, a symbol of overcoming and citizenship.

The transformation of the environment, due to the simple presence of the clowns, provides funny scenes and also witnesses touching testimony from patients, their parents and doctors.

O avô de Kirikou diz que a história de Kirikou e a Feiticeira era muito curta para contar todas as conquistas do Kirikou e prossegue explicando melhor sobre seus feitos. Kirikou's grandfather tells the story of Kirikou and the Sorceress was too short to count all the achievements of Kirikou and goes on to explain more about his accomplishments.

We have discovered how a boy became a gardener, a detective, a craftsman, a merchant, a traveler and a physician.

The documentary chronicles the story of Ademar Casé, a true revolutionary, who started his career as a radio seller and became the main communicator of Brazilian radio in the '30s and '40s, when he launched names like Noel Rosa, Carmen Miranda, Orlando Silva, among so many others, until his participation in the beginning of TV broadcasting in the country.

E só um deles sairia vencedor.

Inside the theater: Applauses, boos, a broken guitar, screaming electric guitars. But only one of them would be the winner. Dissemination of national culture through documentary on the group that changed a generation. O filme traz depoimentos de corintianos ilustres, como Washington Olivetto, Hortência, Rappin Hood; de jogadores célebres, como Neto e os quatro jogadores envolvidos no gol do título de 77; e resgata imagens importantes e inéditas.

Mark the option that contains a pair of false cognate words: a large — data b legal — detention c judge — campaigned d majority — guarantee e current — introduce Answer: A 9.

Based on the text, judge — right C or wrong E — the items below: Ban paragraph 1 is a noun. Backed paragraph 2 means the same as supported.

Cap paragraph 7 is synonymous with limit. Which paragraph 9 can be replaced by that. In which sentence is there a verb in the Present Perfect Tense? Answer: E Read the following text and answer the questions from 1 to 6. His plan would restrict German drivers to a relatively sedate 75 mph in a nation where locals quip that the right to drive at maximum speed is as important to their identity as pesto is to the Italians or baguettes to the French.

Andreas Troge, president of the German Federal Environment Agency, has said that despite1 the work done by car manufacturers to cut down2 on exhaust emissions, there needed to be a reduction in speed to cut them further. In addition, road deaths have reached an all-time low. Some argue that the lack of limits encourages manufacturers to build safer cars.

The right to drive at race-track speeds is a jealously guarded symbol of freedom from state meddling following the traumatic experience of dictatorship under the Nazis and the East German Communists. Unless a need for it can be demonstrated, it is taken down. Germany compares relatively well with other countries with regard to the death rate on motorways, with 3. In the aftermath of the Second World War, many in the nation felt they had little historical heritage of which to be proud, prompting them to quip their identity was encapsulated in three things: football, the Deutschmark and cars.

Journey began long before Nazis Despite their association with Hitler in popular history, the autobahns were not a Nazi idea. They were actually7 begun by the democratic but short-lived Weimar Republic, which ruled the nation from until8 The first German autobahn was completed in between Cologne and Bonn. Upon taking power, the Nazis simply continued with the building programme and allocated , workers to it.

The road building soaked up labour and reduced unemployment, and was used in propaganda. The speed limit on German autobahns is being discussed because: a the number of accidents has increased in the last few years.

Answer: E 2. According to Andreas Troge: a the number of accidents is not so high, despite the lack of a speed limit on autobahns.

In accordance with the text, which item is not incorrect? The death rate on motorways is higher in Germany than in the United States. Cars are important to the national identity of the United States. In Germany, there are almost four deaths for each one billion km travelled.

Answer: E, E, C, C 6. These words: despite ref. TEXT Several biographies about Abraham Lincoln and Charles Darwin have been written, but this is the first time the lives of these two great men have been examined side by side.

Both men were rebels as they turned the world of accepted norms on its head, yet they hailed from vastly different upbringings1. Darwin was born into a life of privilege, highly educated and wanting for nothing, while2 Lincoln led a life of relative poverty and little schooling, yet despite these differences, both rose to prominence and had a significant impact on the world.

The parallels between the two men are striking3 and seem to go beyond mere consequence. Yet until now, few writers or historians have pointed them out.

Both men lost their mother early in life, neither got along with their fathers, they struggled with depression and religious doubt while searching for direction. The historian David R.

Contosta argues that Darwin, with his groundbreaking4 work on evolution, was simply born at the right time, as someone was certain to shortly draw the same conclusions. Lincoln emerges as a more complex figure, deeply disturbed by the times, riddled with doubt, yet found pleasure in Shakespeare.

This is an illuminating look at two rebel giants who persevered in the face of hardships and personal demons. Endereço eletrônico omitido propositadamente 1. The text above is: a a review. The terms upbringings ref. Judge the following assertions: I. Both Lincoln and Darwin had a life of want but high tuition. Lincoln can be considered a more intricate character than Darwin.

Now, mark the correct answer: a Only item I is correct. In the 1st paragraph, the word while ref. Which is the correct option to fill in the blank in the last paragraph? But there is a new generation of communists waiting in the wings.

The majority of deputies elected to the National Assembly, or Parliament, earlier this year were born after the revolution. A petite young woman with long black hair and an engaging smile, she has been a political activist since her early teens. We first met during a coffee break at the last national assembly meeting. Ms Hernandez comes from Guantanamo province at the eastern end of the island. Her father is in the army and she has just completed her voluntary military service as a border guard in an all-female unit along the controversial US naval base at Guantanamo Bay.

What followed was called the special period, a time of hunger and hardship. The United States also tightened the trade embargo believing it would hasten the collapse of communism.

This is the Cuba that Ms Hernandez grew up in. For years I had to wear the same pair of shoes to school, we just had to keep mending them. And as a nation, everyone was willing to work together to get by and move forward. There is little traffic on its dusty streets apart from horses and the occasional tractor.

At the heart of the town is an ageing sugar mill with its giant smokestack chimney. There is also a recently renovated health centre with nurses and beds to spare. But solving constituency needs is not the primary role of Cuban deputies. Like all good politicians, Ms Hernandez moved comfortably amongst them, kissing babies, joking and chatting with young and old.

Better roads and housing are amongst their concerns, but food appears the number one priority. Raul Castro has started to hand over unproductive state owned land to private farmers and cooperatives in a bid to boost production and cut food imports. Farmers in Tames are waiting expectantly for the scheme to take off. There are also no signs of any political reforms.

Opposition parties are not allowed. Critics call it a rubber stamp parliament. The next session is scheduled for 27 December. Candidates are also selected in advance. In the elections in January there were people standing for the same number of seats. You do not have to be a member of the Communist Party to stand, but it does help. Ms Hernandez, though, believes that the system has served Cuba well. We are satisfied with our own and we are going to keep perfecting it.

The correct form of [adverb] in the text is: a rather than b otherwise c therefore d however e although Answer: A 4. In the text, the word party means: a a social event where a group of people meet to talk, eat, drink, dance, etc. Choose the best question to the following description of Liaena Hernandez taken from the 4th paragraph: A petite young woman with long black hair and an engaging smile.

According to the text: a there is a new generation of Cuban communists preparing a new revolution. She was released to return to the guerrillas, where she persuaded her husband to change sides. The verb to ransom 2nd paragraph means: a to persuade someone or make them certain.

Answer: D 3. Which of the following words fill in the gap in the 2nd paragraph meaningfully? Read the following statements: I. The word freed paragraph 3 means the same as released. The expression go-between paragraph 5 means indeciso. Now, mark the correct item: a Only item I is correct. The expression on behalf of 6th paragraph is equivalent in meaning with: a for the own sake b instead of c in spite of d would rather e provided that Answer: B 6.

The word among 3rd paragraph can be replaced by: a between. Answer: C Read the following text and answer the questions from 1 to 8. In bazaars and university corridors across the country, eight years of war have left people exhausted and impatient.

If more American forces do arrive, many here say, they should come to train Afghans to take over the fight, so the foreigners can leave. The comments point to the difficulties that American and Afghan officials face if they choose to add more foreign troops. If the foreign forces are not seen so by Afghans already, they are on the cusp of being regarded as occupiers, with little to show people for their extended presence, fueling wild conspiracies about why they remain here.

The feeling is particularly acute in the Pashtun south, but it is spreading to other parts of the country.


More American troops could tip the balance of opinion, particularly if they increase civilian casualties and prompt even more Taliban attacks. The grass-roots view among Afghans is at odds with those of top Afghan officials, as well as many American military commanders, who strongly endorse a full-blown counterinsurgency strategy, including a large troop increase.


At the same time, the Americans support the idea of negotiating with moderate members of the Taliban, but would prefer to do so once the insurgency has been weakened.

And, that, in turn, may also require more troops. Stanley A. McChrystal, the American commander of forces in Afghanistan, that a full-blown counterinsurgency strategy was necessary, including more forces.

The mood on the street is darker and more wary. The rumor was that Taliban fighters had severed his head and delivered it to his son, according to one of Mr. True or not, the anecdote was part of a growing mythology of Taliban power and a general perception that neither the Afghan government nor American troops were protecting Afghans.

By Alissa J. In the first paragraph, voicing means the same as: a uttering. Which of the following sentences must be used to complete the second paragraph meaningfully? Based on the text, judge — right C or wrong E — the items below: Such sentiments 4rd paragraph refers to exhausted and impatient 2nd paragraph. McChrystal 10th paragraph. Answer: C, C, C, E 6. Americans airplanes can hit small targets 18 kilometers away. Afghans themselves are tired of waiting the new American troops.

Increasingly, Afghans recognize that the government should try to make a deal with the Taliban. Now mark the correct option: a Only item I is correct. Answer: D Read the following text and answer the questions from 1 to 6. TEXT The culture club No one can accuse the French of letting a little global recession stand in the way of their cultural pride.

Such generosity represents more than just a nod to national prestige. In Europe, countries looking for ways to reboot their economies have been finding cash to splurge on their cultural infrastructures or forging ahead with prominent projects that could spell future prosperity.

It now receives 6 million visitors a year. The French package covers face lifts for a range of well-loved monuments, among them the Louvre and the cathedral of Notre Dame in Paris, and the palace of Versailles.

The U. The US and Europe are dealing with the current economic crisis alike. In Europe, the governments keep making investments in culture, even in economic tough times. European prestige is being raised due to the investments in culture. A set of changes to make the US theaters more appealing has been made. Which of the following options must be used to fill in the gap in the 7th paragraph of the text? It has just been given a whopping dose of 21st -century spaciousness, light and cultural politics.

The new building is free-standing but designed to seem part of the old one. Its fourth side opens onto the new wing. The courtyard café provides refreshments and a place to rest. That is handy. They date from BC to the s and are arranged in ascending order — from the Americas of ancient times up through the 18th, 19th and 20th centuries to the top floor. In addition to paintings and sculpture, there are photographs and fabrics, jewels and toys, wedding gowns, teapots and pottery, a great deal of fine furniture, a collection of handsome model sailing ships and the timber frame of a late 17th-century Massachusetts house.

This does not exhaust the variety of media on view. The visitor enters the original building, passes through the courtyard into the new wing. The revolutionary war hero and outstanding silversmith made the Sons of Liberty silver bowl in the case.

The galleries bring alive the early history of the United States. Yet walking through them disquiet grows. Surely there is earlier material. To see the art of ancient Central and South America it is necessary to descend to the basement.

This is psychologically and politically unfortunate. It is also inappropriate. There is also fabulous, sculptural gold jewellery from Colombia and Panama and vivid red woven and embroidered Peruvian fabric from the start of the first millennium. Beyond this is a display of complex Native American bead and basket work and a glorious feather cloak worked to mimic fur. Galleries that run along this central display present model ships and 17th-century Massachusetts period rooms.

These leaps in time, mood and cultures seem bizarre. The grandeur of the pre-Columbian art fortunately transcends its surroundings. He is much loved in Boston. A surprise is a porcelain bowl painted by Jackson Pollock in , when he was hospitalised for depression and hoping that ceramics would prove therapeutic. There is much to enjoy in the new wing and much cause for civic pride.

Apart from ancient material there is very little from Latin America. The early treasures would be better seen in the old building near the superb collection of early Chinese sculpture of much the same period. Next year a new contemporary gallery will open. Modern art could go there. This would make room for focused displays. Perhaps even one about the Boston Tea Party. Which of the following words cannot receive the suffix -ness as spaciousness 1st paragraph?

Fill in the gap in the 2nd paragraph correctly: a A glass-walling courtyard b A glass-wall courtyard c A glass-walled courtyard d A courtyard walling-glass e A courtyard walling-glassed Answer: C 4. The expression in addition to 4th paragraph can be replaced by: a Notwithstanding. The word outstanding 5th paragraph cannot be defined as: a impressive.

The gap in the last paragraph of the text must be filled with: a Furthermore. In the last paragraph of the text, the expression apart from means: a barring. Jackson Pollock was given a handicraft anti-depression program.

The MFA was considered flawless by the author of the review. Answer: E, E, E, E Match the columns below. TEXT Two Americans win Nobel economics prize Stockholm — Elinor Ostrom became the first woman to win a Nobel Prize in economics, honored along with fellow American Oliver Williamson on Monday for analyzing economic governance — the rules by which people exercise authority in companies and economic systems.

Ostrom was also the fifth woman to win a Nobel award this year — a record for the prestigious honors. It was also an exceptionally strong year for the United States, with 11 American citizens — some of them with dual nationality — among the 13 Nobel winners, including President Barack Obama, who won the Nobel Peace Prize on Friday. Ostrom, a political scientist at Indiana University, showed how common resources — forests, fisheries, oil fields or grazing lands — can be managed successfully by the people who use them, rather than by governments or private companies.

She said people discouraged her from seeking a Ph. Williamson, an economist at the University of California, Berkeley, focused on how firms and markets differ in the ways that they resolve conflicts.

He found that companies are typically better able to resolve conflicts than markets when competition is limited, the citation said. The academy did not specifically cite the global financial crisis, but many of the problems at the heart of the current upheaval — bonuses, executive compensation, risky and poorly understood securities — involve a perceived lack of regulatory oversight by government officials or by corporate boards.

The Nobel awards on Monday were clearly a nod to the role of rules, institutions and regulations in making markets work. The Economic Sciences prize, the last Nobel award to be announced this year, was created in by the Swedish central bank in memory of Nobel. In addition to the prize money, Nobel winners will receive a gold medal and diploma from the Swedish king on Dec. Answer: C, E, C, E 2. Which of the options below completes meaningfully the blank in the last paragraph of the text?

Elinor Ostrom is the 1st American woman to become a Nobel laureate. Although Barack Obama had been one of the strongest candidates to run for the Nobel Peace Prize, he did not expect to win. According to Oliver Williamson, companies and markets should not differ in the way they act to solve conflicts. Answer: E, E, E, E 4. The power of the ordinary people, concerning the administration of the natural resources, is despised by the public and private sectors.

Elinor Ostrom promised that the Nobel Prize she won will not be the last of her career. The Nobel Prizes were established after the death of Alfred Nobel.

During the award ceremony, the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences avoided discussions about the global financial crisis.

TEXT Hunting down the hoarders Lenin thought inflation a subversive force, as damaging to capitalism as any Bolshevik revolutionary. Certainly, his heirs in the Chinese Communist Party are taking no chances. It said it would drum up supply and crack down on hoarders and speculators. Inflation is not yet a threat to the republic. But consumer prices rose by 4.

Food prices, which account for more than a third of the consumer-price index2, are largely to blame: vegetables are almost a third more expensive than they were a year ago.

Even the most exotic commodities have been affected. Shanghai shares have fallen by a tenth since the inflation figures came out. Floods, including a deluge in Hainan province last month, hurt some crops.

The macroeconomic weather has also played a role. And so the government is reaching for less conventional weapons. To shield the vulnerable, it urged local governments to raise unemployment benefits, pensions and the minimum wage in line with inflation. It also promises to increase shipments of cotton from the western region of Xinjiang, and to cut the price of electricity, gas and rail transport for fertiliser makers.

To keep the population sweet, on November 22nd it will sell , tonnes of sugar. If extra supplies do not curb prices, the government may set caps. Then, the government required sellers of pork, rice, noodles, cooking oil and other staples to ask permission before raising their3 prices. That may help quash self-fulfilling expectations of higher prices.

If sellers cannot fetch a good price, they will limit the supply of what they offer, or adulterate the quality. Whenever the government stops petrol prices from rising in line with oil prices, queues at the pump merely lengthen. Inflation undermines capitalism, according to Keynes, in part because it discredits entrepreneurs. According to Andy Rothman of CLSA, a broker, some traders are taking possession of agricultural commodities in the hopes that prices will rise.

But how to stop households baixaring two bottles of cooking oil rather than one? For Lenin, inflation was as harmful as capitalism to the world economy. Providences against inflation are going to be taken by the Chinese government. Both grains and dairy goods are contributing to the rise of prices in China. Answer: E, E, C, E 2. The Chinese government intends to foment reserve of goods in order to fight against inflation.

The State Council of China claimed it will start dealing with bad or illegal behaviour toward food and supplies in a more severe way. Answer: C, C, E, E 3. What piece of information cannot be inferred from the previous text? In accordance with the text, judge — right C or wrong E — the items below. The Chinese government: is trying to fight against inflation through unusual ways. Answer: C, E, E, E 7. Answer: E 8. Judge — right C or wrong E — the following references: It1 refers to the Chinese Communist Party the consumer-price index2 refers to 4.

Based on the text, judge — right C or wrong E — the items below: so 5th paragraph is equivalent in meaning to therefore. Translate the following sentence taken from the 7th paragraph into Portuguese: Whenever the government stops petrol prices from rising in line with oil prices, queues at the pump merely lengthen.

Read the following text and answer the questions from 1 to 8. Watched by his wife, Zahra Rahnavard, Mr. Mousavi, a reformist former PM, says he would seek to disband the force.

As Ms. Rahnavard spoke, many in the crowd shouted protests against the morality police, who regularly arrest women they deem inappropriately dressed. We should empower women financially, women should be able to choose their professions according to their merits, and Iranian women should be able to reach the highest level of decision making bodies.

Correspondents consider Mr. Mousavi the main reformist challenger to President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, who is seeking another term.

Mousavi served as prime minister during the years of the Iran-Iraq war from Match the two columns below: a unfair regard b seek program c arrest ex- d deem biased e empower promise f bill part g pledge detain h former warrant i issue look for j role matter Answer: d, f, h, a, g, j, c, e, b, i 2.

Mark the option which brings the word back with the same meaning as it is being used in the title of the text: a The horse I backed came in last. In the 9th paragraph, the word term means the same as: a post.

Mark the pair of false cognate words: a audience — supporters b patrols — police c arrest — inappropriately d discriminatory — unjust e parliament — reformist Answer: A 6. Mir-Hossein Mousavi is not for the way women are treated in Iran.

Coleção Diplomata - Inglês

Mir-Hossein Mousavi and his wife are running for the presidency of their country. Iranian women are not aware of their actual rights. Iranian women must be allowed to form groups and take decisions. Answer: C, E, E, E 8.

Mousavi is a former prime minister who fought against Iraq in the war occurred in the eighties. MEPs were appalled. Jerzy Buzek, the Polish president of the European Parliament, demanded that Bloom apologise and retract his remarks. Bloom was expelled from the chamber.

Schulz is an unrepentant Euro nationalist and a socialist. He wants one currency, one EU state, one EU people. These Euro nationalists are a danger to democracy. These people are fanatics. Some 20 MEPs walked out of the chamber in support of Bloom. As for Schulz, today was not the first time he had had to deal with Nazi-related slurs.

Appearing before the Parliament after taking over the rotating EU presidency in , Silvio Berlusconi, the Italian prime minister, clashed with the German social democrat.

I will suggest you to play the role of a Kapo [an inmate made to be a camp guard].


From the previous text, we can infer that: a the discussion on the Irish bankruptcy and the euro plight was expected to be skilful and proficient. What can be correctly inferred from the text above? Herman Van Rompuy was another victim of the acid comments made by Ukip members.

Van Rompuy was an unknown politican before becoming prime minister. Answer: E, C, C, E 4. Bloom should not have been illegally taken his MEP term away after his declarations against Schulz. Based on the text, judge — right C or wrong E — the items below: taunted 2nd paragraph is synonymous with tantalized. Answer: C, E, C, C 6. Answer: D 7. The gaps in the 10th paragraph must be correctly filled with: a the sooner — the better b the sooner — the best c the soonest — the better d the soonest — the best e sooner — better Answer: A 8.

Pollution did not happen in socialist countries; it was a Western, capitalist evil. But Liang Congjie noticed. He realised he no longer saw the blue skies of the Beijing of his boyhood, or the courtyard trees he had loved to climb.

In the rugged south of Shanxi province, the water in the mountain streams was now black with coal dust and undrinkable. But he was determined that China should surge forward armed with green sensibility, and a green heart.

At its inaugural meeting it drew 60 members; there are now around 10, As Mr Liang proudly said, it was for everybody: housewives, students, food-sellers in the market, even workers from the Capital Steel Corporation factory where Mr Liang, each January, would gather snow in plastic bottles to show schoolchildren the little black specks of pollution in it. Though based on Western organisations he had seen on television, Friends of Nature was less a lobbying outfit than a club, whose members would go tree-planting, camping and chorus-singing to spread the green message through the land.

Here, among countless papers and the relentless tap of computers, Mr Liang would be working away in shirt and casual slacks, never raising his soft voice, modest as ever.

His bike was among the others outside. He came to his cause when he was past 60, a dignified figure with greying hair. Most of his professional life had been spent unremarkably, teaching history in universities and compiling a part encyclopedia of China.

His family background — American-educated parents, a grandfather renowned as a reformer under the Qing dynasty — made him suspect during the Cultural Revolution, and for nine years he was forced to teach in a cadre school in rural Yunnan. But he was slow to radicalise, and cautious even as his radicalism grew. Not for him the prison or martyrdom route. This was delicate work.

In China, he always said, there was no point in the sort of dangerous and eyecatching stunts favoured by Greenpeace.

Rock in Rio: por onde andam os artistas que participaram do festival em 1985?

He indulged in one or two, handing a letter to Tony Blair, on a visit to China in , to petition him to help save the Tibetan antelope, or bringing in secret cameras to record illegal logging in Sichuan.

State goons kept a bit of an eye on him. But in general his campaigns were conducted in an orderly Chinese manner. He managed to stop the cutting of virgin forest and the destruction of golden monkey habitat in Yunnan province. With others, he killed proposals to build giant dams on the Salween river and in one of the most spectacular gorges of the Yangzi. The Tibetan antelope, hunted almost to extinction for the fineness of its fur, remained his favourite cause, and he went to the icy plateau to burn sequestered skins himself — though, to his sorrow, he could not stop the disbanding of the heroic anti-poaching brigade and the transfer of patrols to corruptible local officials.

He was sure, he said diplomatically, that the government would do all it could. The 1st paragraph of the text: a describes the China created by Mao Zedong. In accordance with the text, Liang Congjie: a used to go to work by bike and wearing informal clothes.

In the 4th paragraph there are the words countless and relentless. Which of the following options does not receive the suffix -less?

The word unremarkably 5th paragraph means the same as: a uncommonly. Write C right or E wrong. Protection of rivers. Global warming. Answer: C, C, C, E 7. Both gaps in the 6th paragraph must be filled with: a besides. The word littered 4th paragraph is: a a verb referring to arrayed.

In context, orderly 6th paragraph and cutting 7th paragraph are respectively: a an adjective and a noun. In the last paragraph, the words though and sorrow can be replaced respectively by: a albeit and sadness. Answer: E Read the following text and answer the questions from 1 to In return, Greece had to agree to an austerity program that will impose painful spending cuts and tax increases on its people for years to come.

Fears that the money might be held up by objections in powerful Eurozone member Germany — where the Greek bailout is not popular — sent shudders through bond and stock markets last week. Because the interest rate is higher than the one those countries face themselves, they could make money out of the rescue package. But the rate is significantly lower than Greece would face if it tried to borrow on the international market, where it has seen its borrowing costs spiral because of investor fears it would default.

Athens has said the plan will allow it breathing space to implement harsh new austerity measures it announced earlier Sunday to bring its economy into order. Salary cuts will not extend to the private sector, as had been widely feared. Greeks receive their annual pay in 14 salaries, receiving extra at Christmas, Easter and for their summer vacations. The IMF and EU said the bailout and austerity program were tough and would help Greece out of its troubles, but warned it would take years.

Based on the text, judge — right C or wrong E — the items below: the word painful 2nd and 3rd paragraphs is equivalent in meaning to rough. The words in bold are considered false cognates. Which of the following pairs of words is not formed only by false cognates? Which of the contextual references below is incorrect? Greece will need to make tax increases in order to pay the loan package with IMF.

The stock markets fear that the German Parliament does not release the money to help Greece. Answer: E, E, E, C Some European countries may charge interest rates above the ones normally applied within their own internal markets.

In Greece, cuts from to 1. The package created to bail Greece out was approved in an EU summit held in May. TEXT Rio police claim control of drug gang stronghold Police backed by helicopters and armoured vehicles invaded a Rio shantytown complex long held by traffickers today, quickly taking over the drug gang stronghold, a senior official said.

Police encountered less resistance than expected and claimed victory, saying they were in control of the shantytown although many gang members remained inside. Gunfire could still be heard in the area. At least five police helicopters were helping to provide intelligence on where the gang members might be.

Police and troops started moving up the slum inside armoured vehicles as residents watched from their windows. Tracked personnel carriers were moving in and out of the slum on its southern edge, carrying soldiers.

High-calibre rifle casings littered the streets for three blocks around the favela, and bloodied bandages were scattered on the ground. Vehicles from the forestry service were seen carrying soldiers to the jungle areas inside the slum to cut back trees and eliminate possible escape routes.

There were no initial reports of any police injuries. Duarte said large amounts of weapons, ammunition and drugs were seized in the operation, which came after a week of widespread violence in Rio, with more than cars and buses set on fire and at least 35 deaths, mostly of suspected traffickers.

Residents were told to remain inside their homes and to co-operate with police. Many were thrilled with the police operation. Paulo Furtado conquista Disco de Ouro com Femina. Tudo enquadrado pela sua esbelta figura. O novo disco de Rita Mendes, Love and Happiness foi apresentado na nova discoteca She's a Doll, num ambiente pouco caloroso.

Jorge, em Lisboa. Os Ar de Rock, banda criada em pelo ex-guitarrista dos Delfins, Fernando Cunha, entram de imediato em cena como nova superbanda portuguesa. Tudo com humor e ironia, bem embrulhados numa suave delicadeza. Plataforma visa tornar-se a mais completa base de dados de videoclipes portugueses. Novo projecto da banda portuguesa repete o formato do primeiro, com os instrumentais cantados a serem a nota dominante.

O sucesso, segundo a sua editora, foi muito grande. Por esse motivo disponibilizam " para compra em todas as plataformas digitais legais " a partir do dia 05 de Julho.

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